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We are delighted to offer this video of Rinpoche speaking about his vision for the Temple Project, along with other notes below.

Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche’s plan for a Sangdo Palri Temple at Longchen Jigme Samten Ling dates back to the time when Mangala Shri Bhuti first acquired the retreat land in the early 1990’s. Yet only recently did Rinpoche feel the conditions and timing had ripened and that to build a Temple now would be of benefit on many levels. Most practically, the location of the Temple in the retreat land’s central meadow means that the bi-monthly groups feast practices (or tsogs) and the bi-annual drupchos (nine-day group practice intenstives), which for years have been held in the precious yet small space of Rinpoche’s own retreat cabin, can now take place in a more spacious and accessible environment. Older retreatants whole find the steep climb to Rinpoche’s cabin arduous will be able to gain much easier access and the entire ritual activity will be facilitated more easily as well.

As a focus of refuge and prayer, the Temple’s existence in the world at this time will foster a greater connection to Guru Rinpoche and invocation of his presence, which is always only connected to aspirations and activity for the benefit of all beings. While the retreat land is closed to the public in general, during the spring, summer and fall months, we will established monthly visiting days, where those who wish to visit may come and circumambulate as well as make offerings and prayers.