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close up of Guru Rinpoche's face

close up of Guru Rinpoche's face

Guru Rinpoche said, “For anyone, man or woman, who has faith in me, I, the Lotus Born, have never departed — I sleep on their threshold.” His commitment to appear to the mind of devoted practitioners is something we never forget and always yearn to experience. Guru Rinpoche’s presence is also palpalable in representations of his body, speech and mind. We are tremendously fortunate to have purchased an eleven foot tall, majestic representation, which arrived from Nepal about a week ago at the Temple. The day after the statue was assembled, Kongtrul Rinpoche returned from traveling, and unveiled the face of Guru Rinpoche. The mass and dimension of this representation are a perfect fit for the size of the shrine room and scale of the Temple. It feels as if the heart of the Temple has arrived.


Rinpoche and the Temple Development Team

Take a closer look:

Accompanying Guru Rinpoche on his travels from Nepal were the 8 Bodhisattvas that surround the Avalokiteshvara statue on the Temple’s second floor. And a beautiful aura that surrounds the Amitayus statue on the third floor.

Avalokiteshavara and the eight bodhisattvas

Setting them up

The esteemed and revered guests have arrived at the Temple. Thank you for your support in making this happen.