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statues arrive

2.5 tons of statues have arrived at the Sangdo Palri Temple. Though it may seem odd to begin talking about this wonderful news with a statistic, this sum says something about everything that’s gone into their acquisition. The effort to locate, visit, and stay continually in touch with the craftsmen in Nepal. The architectural calculations so that the statues fit properly on the shrines. The engineering considerations about how to attach the bumpas to the Temple roof. The fundraising and all the devotion and care those funds represent. That huge¬†weight, spread across 30 crates, adds up, yes, but more so, it expresses amazement, achievement, and joy. Perhaps it’s quite light in the end!

What’s you see below is the arrival of the statues on the land, the unpacking and placement of the bodhisattvas around a central Chenrezig on the second floor shrine, and some of the pieces of the new, 11 foot Guru Rinpoche.

Stay tuned for more illusory appearance of these exquisite statues. And thank you for your support and participation in brining these representations of the Three Jewels and Three Roots to the Temple.