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rinpoche at losar

Our third Losar at the Temple felt richer and more significant than any previous. With the main shrine room almost entirely complete save for some final staining on the columns and corbels, to sit on the smooth floor surrounded by shimmering gold walls with the sangha and teacher in front, was a confirming experience of all that we’ve been building towards.

Rinpoche bestowed a long-life empowerment, followed by an address (watch here), and our traditional lhasang to clear obstacles towards spiritual accomplishment in the coming year. And it will be a strong year for the project: we will create the setting for the Three Jewels, the shrines and all the necessary accompaniment; statues will be filled and guided; and finishing touches put on everywhere in preparation for a consecration of 2017.

2016 will also see an important addition to the Temple project: the Temple Retreat Compound. A new structure designed to create 5 new spaces for retreat on the land. Read more about it.

We look forward to sharing 2016 with you!

The crowd circling the lhasang

Circling the lhasang before the final “Kyi yi yi, ki ki, so so!”