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The Sangdo Palri Temple – A Visitor’s Perspective

sangdo palri temple south eastern corner

Sangdo Palri Temple, South Eastern Corner

Each time I arrive at the Temple site, it is always a new visit. The Temple forms a region, or realm, or location of its own, it feels to me. Depending on your state of mind, it will make an impression; what impression, that’s left up to coincidence, chance, devotion. But it will make an impression.

I was struck on a recent visit how approachable the Temple is. In size, the building is not too big, nor too small. The design and ornamentation are not outrageously colorful or ornate, but elegant, gracious, fine. Together, on approach, the building invites you in while catalyzing awe and respect. I trust these would be true for any visitor, and then the rest of the visit is up to individual relationship.

Inside, the creation of elegance, of a space that neither dominates your perceptions nor let’s them settle into torpor, continues. The main shrine room’s trim work is complete (here you see it just before that final stage). Work now focuses on the second floor shrine room’s trim.

Plans continue to refine for the shrines. The base cabinetry system for them has been ordered and once they arrive and have been placed, further design decisions will be made. Throughout the project, we have had the luxury to design, fashion, adjust, perfect while building, something between construction and an artist’s studio. This has allowed architect Kelly Smith and Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche both to make pivotal decisions in place. Large and grand as it is, the Temple is the product of intimate and careful involvement from the Temple team. Similarly, it will be an intimate and personal experience to visit. – Sasha Dorje Meyerowitz, Temple Team Member

panorama of main shrine

Interior view of main shrine hall, seen from main entrance

trim parts

Trim Parts 2

trim parts

Trim Parts

stained trim second floor shrine

Stained Trim in second floor shrine room

Main Shrine Trim Before Columns Are Stained

Main Shrine Trim Before Columns Are Stained

dana ming

Construction Lead Dana Ming Coming to Work on a Winter’s Day