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2015 Construction Overview

In 2015 we will complete the Temple’s interior, which includes all elements except the shrines. In 2016 the focus will be on constructing the shrines, filling, gilding, and blessing the statues, and landscaping.

The primary elements of the 2015 season are:

• Interior doors
• Flooring purchase and installation
• Painting
• Lighting and light fixtures
• Trim on windows, walls, doors, stairs
• Kitchen cabinetry, counters, tiles, appliances, fixtures
• Bathroom fixtures
• Chöppon area (for ritual activities and supply storage)
• Tibetan decorative work in the three shrine rooms
• Library shelving
• Seating areas in some shrine rooms
• Purchasing & installing brocade in some shrine rooms
• Audio and video system purchase and installation

Our budget for this stage is $250,000. Currently we are working off the remainder of funds from the previous stage. Some of those funds are being used to finish last touches of the exterior, such as the trim around the front entrance.

Architect Kelly Smith introduces the shrine room elements in this short video, where we look at wall colors and trim design with her.

We welcome your support in creating the sacred space of the Temple’s interior and three shrine rooms, a place where visitors can rest in meditation and come into contact with their buddhanature.