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Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche bestowed the very first abhisheka at the Sangdo Palri Temple this Losar, February 19, 2015. The main shrine room provides a wonderful, bright, uplifted space in which to relax and receive the blessings of the wang, the lineage, and our teacher.

blessing at the long life empowerment

Rinpoche chose to speak about leisure time. He expressed that leisure, from his perspective, is the result of great merit, and provides space in our mind to contemplate the dharma, if we don’t get caught in the speed of the modern age and deny ourselves that opportunity. (In fact Rinpoche pointed out that the defining characteristic of the degenerate age is this speed.) In contrast, leisure time allows us to relax body, speech, and most importantly mind in the most profound way. Rinpoche’s entire commentary is included below.

Our tradition is to follow the Losar talk (and now abhisheka) with a lhasang in front of the Temple then gather in town for a lunch all together. This year’s Losar felt quiet and focused, with practice as the center, on a glorious February day. Already, the Temple is fulfilling its main purpose of gathering teacher and assembly in the practice of dharma.

lhasang in front of the Temple


dungse la


more lhasang

the Namgyels

hillary and clare

bill roberts and rebecca dupont