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Guru Rinpoche, also known as Padmasambhava, was an Indian adept of the Vajrayana tradition who lived in the 8th Century. His miraculous life and accomplishments were widely known throughout India and news of them quickly spread to the blossoming Buddhist culture of Tibet, which in turn precipitated the great dharma-king Trisong Detsen to invite him to quell obstacles to the establishment of Buddhist wisdom in Tibet. His activities to plant the Dharma in “the Land of Snows”, in partnership with his consort, Yeshe Tsogyal, became inextricably woven into the fabric of Buddhist culture for Tibetans. Since the Dharma’s spread beyond Tibet’s borders, students of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism in many countries and from many backgrounds have come to hold a special place for Guru Rinpoche in their hearts as well.

Due to the profundity and completeness of his realization, Guru Rinpoche was able to say, “When you think of me, I will be there, present before you.” His compassionate committment to support practitioners means that with devotion and faith, the doorway is always open to make a connection to Guru Rinpoche’s enlightened mind. As the teachings continuously point out, the realized mind of the master is no different fundamentally from our own potential to awaken. Their living embodiment of unhindered clarity and compassion inspires us to envision a life beyond the mundane quest for temporary comfort that is the hallmark of ego-mind. Instead, we can aspire to live a life of sympathy, care and intelligent skillful means for others, founded on our own commitment to awakening from ignorance, passion and aggression.