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veranda rafters and crane



These rafters and “jack” rafters (the shorter ones) on the Temple’s southern corner illustrate the size of the veranda that will surround the second floor. On the front of the Temple, this veranda juts out to a wider platform, giving room for the main entrance to the second floor shrine room, while also hosting the traditional deers and dharmacharka you find on all monasteries. The crane we’ve been using to hoist PSL’s and other materials in visible in the background.

veranda rafters front


Here that “extended” veranda on the front takes shape. For the next week, work focuses on framing out and laying the decking of this veranda, which will eventually be covered in warm colored tiles and possibly some runner tile or stone of a different color. The veranda will feature many of the design elements that follow our overall Japanese aesthetic: a strong and elegant railing of wood and metal; simple white stucco and dark wood on the second floor exterior walls; more complex roofing structure under the second floor roof. The photos below show recent work. A video at the end captures the quiet but steady pace of today’s work.

second floor decking


The second floor decking before we began on the rafters.

south eastern corner of the veranda


The south eastern corner of the veranda.

Paddison placing a rafter.


Paddison placing a rafter.

two floors at once


Two floors at once. The second floor deck and brackets for rafters with the shrine room below.

shrine room


The working state of the shrine room.















Moving out toward the front, what you see here is the alternative entrance from the front deck of the Temple. Above, the beginning of the wall that will separate this coat room area from the entry foyer.



Nicholas Carter and Terry Goergen discussing plans.

southern side


The southern side of the Temple. Once the area surrounding the temple is brought to grade, visitors can step out from this wonderfully open entrance into the “library” area of the main shrine room into a garden area.

Video: Today, April 18, on the site