The Sangdo Palri
Temple of
and Compassion
Crestone, Colorado



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    The Sangdo Palri Temple is being constructed as a focal point for world peace, compassion and awakening. Visitors will come to refresh their spiritual practice, make prayers and aspirations, enjoy the natural environment, and deepen their connection to the Longchen Nyingtik tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Learn about the Temple.
    The first Vajrayana Teachings at the Temple
    Installation of the Tibetan Cornice
    Venerable Khechen Thrangu Rinpoche Visit
    Gazing at the Temple
    Project History: Burying the Treasure Vase
    • Railings and Tile on the Second Floor Veranda
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    Your donation supports the purchase of materials and labor costs, while your generosity and devotion are building an "temple within a temple" - an infrastructure of care from all who feel a connection to the project.